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Looking to download Muzhiwan APK for your Android?

Games are always cool, gaming on mobile and computers are becoming a new trend, there are different types of games available for both computers and mobiles. In mobiles, the most famous and most used operating system for gaming is Android and the place which is used by all Android users to download the games and all other apps they require is play store.

But, there are a huge variety of alternatives for play store, in this post, we will discuss an app called Muzhiwan which is a very popular Chinese app developed by Asian developers. Muzhiwan lets you get premium versions of Android games absolutely free.

The latest version of this app has all types of premium apps for free, but the main task of Muzhiwan apk is to provide games for free.

Supported Android version: It’s supported on Android 2.2 or up. So you can expect that it would run on more than 90% Android devices in the world. Though Google has officially stopped the supports for Android Gingerbread, you can still install the app using the link provided here.

But if you are using an Android device of Android 2.2 or up then simply get help in Google Play.

#Update in 2016: In a recent update, Google Play has made this unlisted from its collection thus making the virus free updated Muzhiwan apk file tougher. Rest of things remains same.

Language supported: It supports more than 90 languages so there is a huge chance that you can get your desired language to play with this app.

Size: The base size of this app is a little bit less than 8 MB which is no doubt great while thinking about the phone storage because after installation it roughly takes 14 MB on your device. So you don’t have to compromise with another app or anything else in your storage that is simply- WOW!!

Patches: The latest update in February 2017 has made a patch on the previous one and fixed some minor bugs that caused frequent app restart and sudden crashes, even after reinstalling could not help.

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Muzhiwan APK Download Links

Let us look at some of the features of Muzhiwan:

  • Muzhiwan is one of the most trusted apps used by many android users.
  • It is mostly used for enjoying premium paid games and other apps for free.
  • Recently there was an English version of the app released in the market.
  • The method used by Muzhiwan apk to crack games is a very legal method and it is trusted and used as download links because it is a very legal way of providing apps for free.
  • Muzhiwan can is updated regularly by its developers to provide very good experience and keep the users updated with the new versions and new apps in the market.
  • Muzhiwan apk has a very beautiful and simple user interface which make an additional benefit to it.
  • Latest and popular games like GTA San Andreas, Mortal Combat 5, etc. are available in Muzhiwan for free.
  • Muzhiwan can be directly downloaded from play store.
  • Muzhiwan does not require root permissions to function.

How to install Muzhiwan apk?

Muzhiwan is a freeware, therefore it is easy to get it, but the installation process is a bit difficult. You should install some downloader to download and install Muzhiwan. Follow the below-given instruction to download and install the app properly.

  1. You must have an android phone with android version greater than 2.3, and there is no need for root.
  2. Now, head on to the link given below and download and install the AIO Downloader first.

    Link to download AIO Downloader:   
  3. Now, after installing the AIO downloader successfully, move the app from your phone memory to external storage, this is necessary in some devices, in order for the app to function properly.

After, doing it just go to play store and search for Muzhiwan and install it, anyway the link(official) is given below.

Link to download Muzhiwan:

So, here is the download link of Muzhiwan APK. Go ahead and download it now!!

FAQ’s about Muzhiwan APK

Is it safe?

Though it has taken birth in China, you can rely on it. But one thing I want to make you understand properly. Downloading from third party site does not guarantee you optimum performances and no chance of being hacked. That’s why I recommend downloading the .apk file from an authentic site. The link provided here is 100% safe and secure. Go with it; during installation ignore the “Warning Message.”

Does it require rooting your phone?

The answer is a big NO. Don’t root your Android device even if you get a lot of recommendations from many websites online. Rooting will void your first level of safeguards against any phishing or root kit attack. Simply, don’t go with the flow and don’t spoil your precious Android device by rooting it.

Is there any in-app purchase option?

Nope, my friend, you don’t have to purchase anything to improve your user experiences on it. Whatever it got is completely free and don’t need to pay a single penny anywhere. If there is any option like that, then uninstall the app immediately because it might be the reason that you have installed the wrong apk file. Listen to one thing carefully- it’s free and always will be.

Is there any annoying ad?

If I have to say frankly- every free application needs to be monetized especially which provides you an option to get premium things at free of cost! But here on Muzhiwan a lot of annoying ads may pop up anytime. The irritations cross the line when the ads contain fully irrelevant content!!

Yes, there it is, you have to keep patience to extract the good things from the mixtures.

Can it be run on Windows PC?

We don’t recommend running Muzhiwan app on Windows because it will not make the user experience better. You better can say it degraded the quality of the application to a great extent. Still, of you insist on knowing about the process then here it is-

  • The famous Bluestacks way is the popular one. Download Bluestacks and install that on your Windows PC.
  • Download the Muzhiwan apk on the PC by clicking on the link provided.
  • Once it gets installed, simply install the Muzhiwan .apk file by uploading that from your storage.

Yaay! You are done with it!

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