Game Guardian – LATEST Apk 8.4.3 Download (Direct Download)


Games are the best time killer entertainers in the 20th century and mobile phone games are becoming very popular nowadays like there is a new game created every hour! Yes, there are new games by thousands of developers developed daily.

By the increasing number of games in the market, there is also different hacks, cracked and also modded version of the same popular games available in the market. As the addictiveness of the person towards a game increase to a quite high level, then he or she will surely search for cracked or hacked version of the game in the web.

Game Guardian Download Links For Android

So, if you are a gamer then you will probably have come across many hacking tools for games like xmodgames, and some app market with full of hacked, cracked and premium version of games like Tutu app, lucky patcher, etc.

Leaving these things aside, today we will enter into a new world of hacked and cracked games in the market, imagine you will be able to make any changes in the game by yourself? You are going to be the developer of the new cracked game. You need only zero knowledge in coding you will be able to make almost any change in the game

Yes! you heard it right. You will be able to do things like increase the lives of your game, increase or decrease the speed of the game, increase your health, unlimited health and a lot more, all these things can be done using one app. And the name of the app is Game Guardian.

Using it you can hack a million games in a million different ways. For instance, take a popular game, say Pokemon go, you will be able to move around by sitting in the same place using the GPS hack, you can get infinite balls using the coding hack and a lot more can be done. We will see the features, uses, pros, and cons, how to download the app in this post.

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Uses and Features:

  • You will get the power to hack any game in any way you like using this app.
  • It has a very good user interface and user experience.
  • It is very user-friendly and noob friendly.
  • It not only allows you to edit the present features of a game but also to add new options to the game.
  • Using this app you can increase or decrease the speed of a game
  • You can edit or make the numbers unlimited for parameters like Life, Times, HP, XP, SP, Mana, etc.
  • It also allows you to lock a parameter to a certain value like you can fix your life to 80% all the time.
  • If you are playing a game edited with this, then you have to set your own rules and regulation, you’re the King!
  • In all android games limited features like coins, scores, money can be increased to infinite.
  • You can start with your own score! You can add desired scores.
  • You can search for new hacks in the app.
  • You can also modify offline games and also online games.
  • However, some popular games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, can deduct hacking of the game parameters and ban you from the game.
  • And there are a lot more features to discover in this app as you use it.

Pros and Cons:


  1. There are thousands of great features in this app, you can almost edit anything in a game using this app.
  2. This app is updated regularly to provide its users with better hacks and also a new type of cracking with different games.
  3. Ther user interface and the user experience of the app is very good and the app is very noob friendly, a person with zero knowledge of edit apps can easily use this app.
  4. There are similar apps available in the market but no app has this many features like speed hack available in the market.


  1. Unfortunately, you need to have a rooted Android phone in order to use this awesome app.
  2. You cannot hack all online games using this app, you can hack every online game, but in most of the games, the game servers will find the hack and will ban you from the game.
  3. This app has very less installs comparing with another app as it is a root only use the app.

How to download and install GameGuardian?

Unfortunately, there are two things to consider before using this app, one is you need to have a rooted Android phone in order to use this app and the next one is the app is not available in the play store, you have to download the app from an external source and install it. So, let us see how to do this,

  1. Browse the link given below and download the apk file from the site and copy it to your phone, or you can directly download the app to your phone itself.

    Link to download:
  2. Now make sure that you have a rooted Android phone before proceeding, or you can easily root your Android phone, there are a lot of guides available on the web.
  3. Now, since you have downloaded the app from an external source, you have to enable a feature on your phone. Go to settings, then to accessibility and enable the unknown sources feature. This will allow you install apps downloaded from other sources.
  4. Now, locate the path where the apk file is located and install the apps like you install other apps.
  5. That’s it! you have successfully installed the app! It’s time to enjoy it!


Game Guardian is a must try the app for all mobile gamers, this app really provides an excellent experience to your gaming life. Use the link provided in this post, as there are fake apps revolving around the web. If you face any problem while downloading or installing the app, then feel free to comment below, we will be happy to help you. By the way, also give a try to the following apps: MuzhiwanTutuAppFreedom APK and Game Killer.