BlueStacks Download For PC Windows 7/8/10/XP (Direct Link)


BlueStacks is a cloud-based platform for Android applications which allows the Android apps to run on PCs with Microsoft Windows. ‘Play Bigger’, BlueStacks’s slogan defines its area of expertise when it comes to running an Android application on the Windows platform.

BlueStacks application allows the user to run Android applications and games on the personal computers and other bigger screens. From the famous android games like Subway Surfers, candy crush saga and other applications like WhatsApp and other useful applications, BlueStacks can run it smoothly. Although, BlueStacks is an Android emulator app but its main focus is on selling applications that might require one to pay a monthly fee of $2 if and only if the application is not installed via BlueStocks’s partners.

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BlueStacks Download: Links and Guide

Moreover, the application might look differently and even work differently on your PC because this software requires updates once in a while. When this application is installed on your PC, and after a reboot, it will ask for your Gmail account to login. When you are successfully logged in, BlueStacks homepage will appear on your screen which will allow you to launch any Android application on your desktop. The user interface will be slightly different from your smartphone or the Windows platform, even though it is easier to access and navigate the functionalities of this application.

The most important thing, you have to provide that google account from which you access your Android device’s play store. This is because, when you are logged in with your authentic Google account, it will display all the installed and purchased android applications in your android device.

For those applications to run on your PC, you are required to download the applications directly from the applications list it shows on the Android emulator app. There will raise certain issues regarding the working of some applications due to the different versions of Android.

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Great BlueStacks Features

BlueStacks not only provides the users with the games only, but he/she can also download each and every application available on the Google Play store. From music apps to office-based products, social networking applications (mobile version) and Microsoft Office (mobile version), BlueStacks app allow the user to enjoy the use of an Android application on a much bigger screen.

Also, with the likes of Microsoft Office products, BlueStacks even allows the user to connect with the Microsoft account to access all the documents online. And, with the built-in camera on your Windows laptop, the user can use the likes of Instagram and Twitter.

The user interface is very easy to use and varies slightly different from what you have experienced from using an Android device. There are different options provided with the settings as they are in the emulated state, but they are easy to understand and easily accessible. The working of the applications in the emulated version is similar as to its working in the regular devices. But there are some applications which find it either difficult to load or it doesn’t fit the screen properly with some glitch issues.

Bluestack: Things to keep in mind about the App

The only difficulty the user may face is they might find it difficult to switch from the traditional swiping to mouse clicking. It takes some time to getting used to these circumstances while playing a game, especially because we are used to swiping left or right while playing a game on our Android devices and by using it on the emulated version, it takes time in getting compatible with it again.

For the first timers, the only issue they will face is while playing the games. Scrolling and clicking is the part of our daily to daily life thus, using non-gaming applications like Instagram, office tools, etc. are easier in comparison to games as we are in a routine of playing these games only in their native devices and not personal computers. Thus, it requires some time to get from swiping to clicking, scrolling and moving the mouse.

Also, BlueStacks not only allows its user to search from the already purchased or installed applications on your device but, it has access to the Google Play store for more applications. Therefore, the user can download almost every android application found in the Google Play store.

But, this requires the user’s Google account details from which he/she is accessing the Android device. Also, with the likes of laptops, it allows BlueStacks allows the user to enjoy the same user-interface as of the Android devices when it comes to using social networking sites as they all requires camera and laptops and PCs are provided with either a camera or a webcam.

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This android emulator has proven to be well-designed applications dedicated to all the Android applications to run on a Windows platform. Thus, it provides the users with so many reasons for using it on their desktops. However, BlueStacks Android emulator application can seem to dysfunction if you are trying to use an application still in its testing and development phase.

It doesn’t give the right to use the unreleased applications. The sole purpose of using the BlueStacks Android emulated application is to ease the complexity of using a certain application. It becomes easier to use and access the applications when it is on a bigger screen.

One of the most important and logical advantages of using a BlueStacks Android emulator application is that suppose you forget your android device at home or lost your Android device someplace, you all require is a Windows PC and your Google account details, and from there you can access your native device from anywhere and at anytime. It also allows the user to track down the device when situations like you tend to misplace it somewhere.

Also, if you are new to the Android platform, BlueStacks application is the best application for you to get used to the Android platform before trying your hand on the original devices. There are few flaws in this application like there are certain Android applications which find it difficult to run freely on its interface but it is certainly the most recommended Android emulator application in the market.

How to Download BlueStacks App For Windows PC!!

Here is the download link of Bluestacks app. You need to download the exe file and install it on your Windows laptop.  

So, these are the bluestack download links you have been waiting for. Go ahead, download and install Bluestacks on your PC and use it.