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Aptoide is an app distribution store like play store; it is one of the main competitors of play store. Unlike play store, it has many advantages and lots of extra apps which are absent in play store.

There is only one play store for all Android users, but Aptoide is slightly different it has a unique Aptoide for every user according to the installed app and their likes. Which makes it better than play store and many people love it.

Aptoide Apk- Features and Specifications

Unlike the traditional play store, Aptoide is available in many versions like Aptoide for television which is specially made for smart TVs with apps which are compatible with TVs and Aptoide for Kids which is specially constructed with games and other apps which kids love.

And there also special versions of Aptoide for tablets, smartphones, etc. This year they have also launched an app store for virtual reality apps.

Aptoide is a universal app, which means it can be used in different packages, it is an open source project, and the Apt part from the name of the application states it that it is from Debian package. Actually, the app is ultimately compiled in JAVA. It is the only app which is open source and is coded in java for android.

Aptoide Installer: Aptoide Download Apk

The app is moreover like a search engine rather than integrating it into an app; it is like Google for app searches, the latest version of Aptoide, version 2.4.1 has over 2.7 billion cumulative downloads. There are many fake apps in the same interface of Aptoide, so only download from the official link provided in this post.

Features of Aptoide and Aptoide Download links:

Number one alternative of google play store and has hundreds of extra features.

Aptoide is available for computer and as an Android app, which only facilitates Android app marketplace. Users can add repositories (Linux based) to add their store in it. It is the only open source Android marketplace.

Aptoide is available in different versions like Aptoide for Smart TVs, Aptoide for Smart Phones, Aptoide for Developers, Aptoide for kids, etc. The interface of the app is highly customizable by code friendly users.

The app has over 10 billion cumulative downloads overall. Aptoide has been an active competitor of Google play store from 2009, people who can’t access play store like custom ROM user which undoubtedly heard the app at least once.

Aptoide has been open source since its existence, and many companies have funded for the life of it. Aptoide is available in many languages, and in different countries.

Aptoide apk is regularly upgraded to remove bugs and improvise performance and user experience.

Aptoide Download links:


Aptoide has served the Android users for a very long time, and as the app is open source, many developers have used it for many purposes, if you are a developer, then you can create your app store as you like using the Aptoide codes. The code of Aptoide can be obtained from their official website in Java format.

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